Custom Applications

Whether you are looking for an E-commerce website or a job portal or even a timesheet application for your employees, don’t worry – we have the solution. The entire process of software or web designing and development is herculean yet protracted. It involves perpetual planning of information architecture, database structure, content analysis, user interface, layout, colour scheme, image, navigation, icons, and design etc. The combined colour should be so immaculate that the very first look should make the audience take an instant fondness towards your system.
Other than our standard practices, There are many things to do but

Lets Discuss Your Requirements First

Flexible Hosting

We offer multiple hosting options which include Virtual Private Hosting, Shared Hosting or even AWS (Amazon Web Service).

Business Directory

We will feature your website on our website which will serve as a free business directory listing just for you.

Review Meeting

We will arrange regular meetings with you to understand your emerging requirements for your growing business.

Content & Blogging

Depending upon your plan, you can choose your keywords and geographical location then we will keep loading your website with the relevant content.

Webmaster Tools & Analytics

By default, we set up Google Webmaster & Analytics accounts for your website. This helps us and you to monitor your website performance and the visitor traffic to your website.

Search Engine Submission

We use the best industry standard practices of SEO techniques and submit your website to all major search engines. Remember, it’s not only about creating a website. It must also be visible to the right customers.

Tech Support

We offer Technical Support for each and every product. We welcome all your questions or queries.

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What are custom applications?
A good example of a custom application is a web application for buying insurance policies for Bee Keepers.
I need a software which should just work with in my office environment. Can this be done?
Yes, this is a good example of custom applications.
I need an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system, can you help?
Yes! This is a perfect example of Custom Applications.
I need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, can you help?
Yes! This is a perfect example of Custom Applications.
I want to move away from a licensed software to an open source or vice versa, can this be done?
Yes! This can be done.
I need something else which is not listed here, what should I do?
Let’s talk. Sometimes it is hard for us to cover all the scenarios.
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