Revitalizing Punjabi Palace: A Comprehensive Brand and Web Development Journey

punjabi palace website


  • Introduce Punjabi Palace, highlighting its unique position as an authentic North Indian restaurant in the UK.
  • Briefly mention the scope of services provided, emphasizing the holistic approach to branding and web design.

Background and Challenge

  • Detail the background of Punjabi Palace, including its culinary focus and target audience.
  • Discuss the specific challenges faced in terms of branding and online presence.

Our Approach

  • Logo Design: Elaborate on the creative process behind the logo design, incorporating cultural elements and modern aesthetics.
  • Business Cards and Menu Design: Describe the design process, focusing on how these elements complement the overall brand identity.
  • Website Development: Discuss the technical and creative aspects of the website development, emphasizing user experience, aesthetics, and SEO.
  • Menu Conceptualization: Detail how the menu was curated to reflect the authenticity of Punjabi cuisine and the restaurant’s unique offerings.

Results and Impact

  • Share specific results, such as website traffic, customer engagement, and search engine ranking improvements.
  • Highlight customer feedback and the impact of the new branding on business growth.


  • Summarize the transformation of Punjabi Palace and the role your services played in this journey.
  • Conclude with a call to action for potential clients to contact your business for similar services.

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