As always, we are happy to help you with each and every step. In the end, your satisfaction is the key to our success. We offer excellent customer support for our customers. We keep all communication channels open unlike some other companies, you can contact us by phone, email, live chat or even instant messaging. We like to talk to our customers and understand their requirements.

All The Support You’ll Ever Need

Review Meeting

Depending upon your plan, we arrange regular meetings with you. During these meetings, we discuss your emerging requirements, upcoming technologies and how your business can benefit.

Tech Support

We have all the communication channels open to handle your queries. In a nutshell, we respond to Pre-sale calls within 24 Business hours and within 12 hours for existing clients.

Are You Ready To Join The Club?

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What is Tech Support?
In short, Tech support is nothing but Technical Support. You can send us an email, call our business number and we are happy to help you with all your technical queries.
What are our working hours?
We are open from Mon – Fri 9am – 4-30pm. In case of emergency, leave a message on Live Chat.
What is the definition of emergency?
An interrupted service is called an emergency situation. Sometimes, it is best to consider the impact of the outage before calling it an emergency.
My business is always changing and I need many changes on the website. What will I do?
Not to worry, you are covered. We are happy to help. You can call us in case of emergency, drop us an email or you can wait for the next review meeting.
Who is my point of contact?
Unfortunately, there is no point of contact. However, you should always call us on our number. Depending on your requirements, we may assign a person as a point of contact for you.
Do you charge when I do a support call?
No! We are always here to help you.
What happens next when I call for support?
After reviewing your query, we assign your task to our team, the team member may contact you for more information and will be in touch with you until your problem is resolved.
Do you offer Out Of Hours Support?
We understand that you don’t want interruptions with your services during business hours. This can be arranged upon special request.
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