6 Types of Back links and How to Get Them

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As we all know links form an important part of any website. By using just the right techniques, these links will help you reach potential customers, apart from showing your authority on the site. In order to improve your rankings on any website, some factors need to be considered or analyzed to when it comes to finding the target opportunities.

Below we have listed some types of backlinks to effectively improve your SEO strategy:

1. Directory links

Directory links mean linking the directory as the name suggests. These links are taken out from websites that act as a directory for people that might be looking for certain products or services. If you are looking for SEO in Bristol, then this link is definitely going to help you.
How to get them?
The major task is how to get these links, In order to find a directory link of high-quality, you need to find an authoritative niche directory. You need to avoid the general directories and concentrate on those that are related to your service or location

2. Editorial links

Editorial links are those that not only build awareness for your brand but also help in organic search rankings of the website that they are being linked to. Whenever high DA publications are linked to your website, the search engine effectively passes on trust for your website. This gives your website a stronger chance of ranking for keywords. Generally, SEO marketing Bristol is done through these links.
How to get them?
Getting this link could be done through email or otherwise. It is important that this link appears within the text and not within an author bio box.

3. Blog comment links

This one is often referred to as one of the oldest SEO building strategies, as it can still be useful to have some blog comments in your backlink profile. These are the simplest links to get and that can be done very easily by just visiting a webpage and remember, you can leave a message in response to the publisher.
How to get them?
A way to get them is finding the blogs that are similar to your niche and then linking them to one of your similar posts as opposed to your home page.

4. Forums

These links definitely have features to diversify your backlink profile and though they are an old-school tactic you can gain as you interact and provide advice to people. These forums range from computing to beauty advice.
How to get them?
One of the best ways to get a high-quality forum link is posting in forums that are relevant to what is offered by your business. You should be sure about the topic and community before you insert the link into any forum.

5. Guest posts

Sometimes it becomes debatable whether or not guest posting should be done but if you do it in the right way and follow the white-hat techniques as is done by companies providing SEO services in Bristol, it would be one of the great ways to build links to your site.
How to get them?
Rather than getting into a debate on the best way to approach guest posting, the way should be to find a niche website that specializes in the topic you want.

6. User Profile pages

It is to be noticed that not all of your guest post targets would necessarily allow direct links back to your site in the blog post itself, alternatively many of these sites would only give you an option of getting a single link in your author section and/or user profile page.
How to get them?
The best way to get them is as and when you write your guest post, you can include an author bio in your pitch or Word doc and thus make the article personal.

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