Best tips for digital marketing 2020

Best tips for digital marketing 2020

Digital Marketing

We have entered a new decade and It is time to create some connections with the latest trends and bring some freshness into your marketing strategies. As the year 2019 has ended with lots of digital marketing news, let’s begin the new year with its latest and newest rends!
Being one of the best local SEO agency we would like to keep our audience updated about all the latest trends. So here are some tips to match up with all the new technologies updated in digital marketing.

4 Tips to make your digital marketing strategies stronger:

Design content according to the global audience

You create content based on your audience and business. But sometimes you don’t realize your audience may be universal. A study also shows the content generated by the U.S. Youtubers has a 60% global audience outside the U.S. The fashion industry is on the top of such a list. It is also creating a powerful impact on the online retail business.
As the number of people having access to social media, internet, and mobile phones is increasing day by day, you need to create content that fits on the global level as well. For reference and to make your content more appealing, you can use examples from other country’s businesses. You can use famous football clubs or other brands that have a known presence.

More video content to support purchase decisions

The final decision to purchase depends on many factors. Your audience does a lot of research before competing for purchase. Many brands are using video content to inform their buyers and to help them make buying decisions.

You may have seen product videos on Instagram and Youtube. It is helping the buyer to specify their needs and to find them their products. Also, how-to tutorials, product comparisons, and demonstrations are adding a lot more value to video marketing. For making more conversions through your video marketing or video content, influencers can help you a lot. They have their audience base and can help you to target them all.

Incorporate automation

Automation and marketing? Yes, there are many ways how automation can support marketing:

  • It helps in identifying and nurturing customers.
  • It helps in identifying user’s intent and segment them according to their search
  • You can predict future behaviours based on past responses.
  • Get an integrated view of your customers and helps them deliver personalized
  • It helps in managing advertising campaigns.

These points show that automation is something one should look into. Many leading marketers accept it as a vital factor in improving their marketing strategies. Therefore, it is evident how automation can help you in managing your marketing.


If we have to put something as a must in 2020, it is the personalization. As said before, automation is a great tool that can help in making a business’s marketing strategies. It is also beneficial in delivering greater personalization.
Machine learning can help you a lot with this. You can personalize messages for your right customers. Also, you can recommend their products based on their past purchase history or searched items. You can create notes as well.
For better support, you can ask your creative team to make innovative and personalized content. You can suggest tools like customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, and other automation tools that will also help you to build your customer’s profile. If you have your right audience, you can also create various headlines, descriptions, and content.

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