Creating an efficient agriculture web application project

agriculture web application project

A great website, a great application etc., emanates from a profound understanding of the variables and constants involved in the client’s business. We undertake critical research to understand the key areas. Only after the industry is properly understood is the client delivered solutions based on the facts deciphered from the research. 

The answers are almost always unique for each client. Only on rare occasions are the solutions similar to something that addressed an issue of a previous client. We also maintain case-study records where we can correlate problems and issues related to a particular business or industry. Our agricultural web application client was provided with a solution that was an eclectic mix of traditions related to farming and modern farming technology. Greenville is a cutting-edge Agriculture web application.  A good Web Design Watford will benefit you greatly.

The process of creation of Greenville – Agriculture Web Application 

Extensive research was conducted on agriculture and agriculture applications

The process started with extensive research. Therefore, a team was put in place to conduct the investigation. The group consisted of software design experts, business analysts, and agricultural science graduates led by an experienced project manager. 

An expansive green agricultural space was chosen as the photographic background of the application.

To communicate the focus of the application on agriculture, a vast expansive green piece of land was chosen as the background. To display the massive stretch of the land, a piece of land with roads was chosen. 

The first interface is straightforward.

The first interface is kept very simple. It has three choices, which were made to avoid confusion. The message, “Back to farm”, was announced in large letters and boldly. The fact that this was an application related to farming and agriculture is boldly announced to the user.

The digital agriculture market is the focus of the application

The digital market is projected to cross 10 billion USD in 2027. Digital agriculture is the use of modern, efficient technologies to track and implement smart solutions to increase agricultural productivity. 

The focus areas of the agriculture application are Irrigation, tree work and Planning. 

The basic price information, duration etc., is available in the initial interface. Greenville agriculture focuses on providing digital solutions for agriculture in three key areas. 

The icon for Irrigation was placed in a virtually outlined box which is the largest on the page

The icon for Irrigation was made the largest and was put first from left to right to give it maximum visibility.

Why was Irrigation put at the forefront of the application?

Soil is a fixed entity in agriculture. Irrigation is the process of applying water to the crops artificially to fulfil their water requirements. According to research, the productivity of optimally irrigated soil is much higher than soil that is not washed. Besides this, Irrigation is also how one can supply nutrients to the crops. The click on Irrigation would lead the user to various irrigation methods. Irrigation is also of utmost importance as it enables proper productive growth of crops, revegetation of unproductive, disturbed lands etc.

Why was tree work chosen as the second icon from left to right?

Tree work is the proper handling of trees. According to our research, this area has one of the highest injury and fatality rates of workers among all agricultural activities. Tree work includes lopping, thinning, pruning, felling of large trees, removal of trees from a particular area etc. Therefore, the application focused on training for tree work. The training enables the tree work personnel to make a proper visual assessment of a tree. They need to assess whether a large tree is leaning heavily in one direction if there is evidence of bark inclusion etc.

Why was Planning chosen as the third most visible icon from left to right in the agriculture application?

According to our research, productivity is the key to agriculture. The land and soil are limited resources. Optimal Planning is the key to agricultural productivity. This is also the need of the hour and in high demand. The reason is that a growing population is subjecting the agricultural sector to high pressure for increased productivity. The authorities are also encouraging and incentivizing planned and intelligent means of agriculture. 

Optimal methods and specialized Planning are prerequisites for intelligent agriculture and increased productivity. The click on the link to Planning will lead the user to various methods of smart agriculture like precision agriculture, Precision aquaculture, Precision forestry, Smart farming using artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, etc. The click on the application also leads to education on global digital agriculture, including modern technological tools such as UAV, GPS tracking, etc. 

The initial interface is informative and straightforward, but the scope of information that the user can get by clicking on links of his interest is high.

Once the links in the initial page are clicked, the application leads to more intensive topics like data-driven decision-making for farmers, recommendations regarding fertilizers and nutrients, field mapping, GPS Tracking, rainfall estimates, safety and health etc. More advanced features like customized spray planners, pivot irrigation systems etc., are mitigated only after the user chooses a particular link. 

UI/UX design for ease of usage

The UI/UX design of the application makes it very easy to use. User experience, performance etc., are even more critical for an agriculture application than other applications. It is a fact that the farmers may need to be more educated of users. The application is connected to a cloud computing platform. The focus is on software development and software infrastructure management. The Quality standards from the research were implemented with our team of UI or user interface designers, Web developers, Android developers etc. Expert testers ensured that the application ran efficiently. 

Conclusion: A lot of research and its subsequent implementation led to the developing a great agriculture web application

The initial groundwork and research findings helped us develop the most efficient agriculture web application. It’s hard work to establish an agriculture app that can compete with the best apps on the market. Our team is organized to deliver sustained value by implementing solutions found through research. It is also essential for you to remember here that first impressions are vital to increasing engagement. That is also why we chose a background from many options that would catch the eye of the user.

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