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Webdesign for Minibus Business

Every client has his or her own unique needs. We research the mode of the business to understand its nature and its workings. Designing a great website for a Minibus business was one of our most fun-filled and deeply exploratory assignments to date. A minibus is a unique mode of transport. People usually think of booking a car, a van or a bus but a minibus fall in a grey area which people usually consider to be a kind of whacky, fun means of transport. Travelling by minibus to a serious corporate occasion is something people do not do. However, it can be a great choice when a person is travelling a certain distance with or without luggage and needs extra space to unwind and relax. The name, Pop’s Minibus brings a friendly, family-oriented feel to it. Get the best Web Design Bracknell.

We used a Hero Image 

In online marketing parlance, a Hero image is that large, striking image which announces the offerings/ intentions of the business to the potential customer in a very loud and clear manner. People are mostly used to hiring cars, vans, SUVs or buses. However, a Minibus is a unique ride. The Hero image of the Pop’s minibus rental business’ website goes directly into instilling into the user’s mind what travelling by minibus looks like to the onlooker.

Tried making Minibus travel a part of the perceptual set of the consumer 

Perception is the unique way an individual sees and interprets the world around him or her. It is influenced by his or her upbringing, experiences, society, religion, faith etc. he or she belongs to. There are many factors which influence a person’s perception. 

It is an automatic and subconscious process. The perceptual set definition is this automatic reaction of an individual to notice relevant things and ignore or dismiss others. The most important part of marketing the Minibus rental to potential customers is to make the Minibus travel a part of their perceptual set when it comes to their choice of a mode of transport. A product needs to be part of the perceptual set of a customer. 

Our research found that a minibus can be the standard choice for a customer when it comes to day trips, picnics etc. but it can also be positioned as a great mode of transport when it comes to airport transfers, seaport transfers etc. The minibus is a very spacious means of transport. Having a vehicle which gives a person a lot of space has its very own feel-good factor which translates to great mental health benefits. 

However, the Hero image of the minibus is used to address the most important part of the perception of the mode of transport. The vehicle of transportation used by a person is unconsciously perceived as an extension of his or her personality. This is the reason why we used an image of a Minibus which looks like a very acceptable, imposing and normal way of transportation. It answers the fundamental question in the potential consumer’s mind about travelling by a rented minibus. The first thing he or she wants to know is how is he or she going to be perceived when travelling by minibus by a third person. The Hero Image is specially designed to influence the perception of rented minibus travel in the potential consumer’s mind. It reassures the potential consumer that he or she is going to look good to the third party when he or she is travelling by minibus. The brain processes the information it receives through sight, sound, smell, taste, touch etc. to enable the human mind to perceive the stimulus. The brain does not take the world at face value. 

A great example of this is that the eyes send an inverted of the world to the brain. The brain turns the image around to help us perceive the image properly. Another example is that human beings can see their nose. However, the brain chooses to ignore this image as it is perceived as unimportant. 

Hero Image features a new, shiny, very well-maintained minibus

The Hero Image Minibus is in the colour of an acceptable formal suit. It was intentionally not colour composed with a Minibus in a jazzy, loud colour. The imagery is used to break the pattern of minibus travel being only for fun. It is said that colours influence thoughts. Thoughts become things. Therefore, by adding the two aforementioned statements, we can conclude that colours have a profound influence on human minds and can translate into action. The colour grey brings out emotions of seriousness, neutrality, and balance in human beings. It has a grim feel to it and is by no means a colour which represents any kind of frill. In one word, it is a no-frill colour. It also represents maturity, responsibility, dependability and formality. The point of this minibus Hero Image is to establish it as within the perceptual predisposition set when human beings think of travel rather than for special occasions.

Hero minibus stands out with great clarity

The Hero metallic grey-coloured minibus is depicted as the king of the road. It stands out in clarity and the other aspects of the image are slightly blurred. As aforesaid, the vehicle a person travels in is perceived by third parties as an extension of his or her personality. Therefore, the personality of the Minibus in the Hero image has been made heroic.

The rest of the image shows the speed with which the minibus is moving

The background of the image includes roads, small hills on the side, and open skies. The background has been optimized to show the fast movement of the king of the road, the Hero of the image- the minibus. It instantly answers the question in the potential consumer’s mind about the speed of minibus travel. It is depicted as a fast mode of transport.

The image of the minibus is also placed in such a way that its highest point is slightly higher than the hill on the side of the road. This is to further reiterate the fact that the Minibus in the image is the king of the road. This “King of the road” personality is something the potential customer will acquire when he or she is travelling by Minibus.  

The background of the Hero image has mountains and greenery 

The background of the Hero image has greenery along with mountains to project an environment of freedom. There is something a Pop’s Minibus can provide that a car, SUV or van cannot provide. A Pop’s Minibus carries passengers with a seating capacity of about 10 people in a very spacious, free environment. The greenery on the side of the road, the small hill, and the open skies at the top are carefully designed to give the website user/ the potential customer a sense of freedom that only Minibus travel can. 

A large bus usually carries many passengers and there isn’t much face to face-to-face interaction between the passengers at the front of the bus and those seated at the end of a large bus. However, a minibus offers excellent space for the passengers as well as the opportunity to travel in a small interactive group. It offers the best of both worlds which other means of transport cannot.

Where you might need us, explains the USP of the service

The utility and the availability of the Minibus rental service are explained through this question and answer. After bringing the Chauffeur driven Minibus rental service into the potential customer’s perceptual predisposition set when it comes to renting chauffeur-driven vehicles, this question, answer and pictorial set answers another valuable question in the potential consumer’s mind. 

This question, answer and the pictorial set was designed to serve multiple purposes. It answers the question about where the potential customer may need the service and also gives a hint about the availability of the service.

Where might you need us? Airports

The picture which accompanies/explains the service of Pop’s minibus at airports features a man with his legs stretched out in a lounge. It is also a hint that Pop’s Minibus service offers a very spacious mode of transport. The spacious mode of transport offered by Pop’s Minibus service is very relevant to airport transportation as people tend to carry a fair amount of luggage for holiday or leisure travel. However, the more important point that this picture/imagery tries to make is that Pop’s minibus service is also relevant to the business traveller. The image is of a man who is professionally dressed in a shirt and trousers and is relaxing at the end of a day’s work.

Where might you need us? Seaports

The seaport image was also specially chosen to appeal to the leisure traveller. The camera for this pic was made to pan out at a seaport and absorb the relaxing vibe. A minibus service is closely associated with fun, leisure travel. So, we did not stress the availability and the need for the service near the Sea ports. 

Where might you need us? Tours

A simple picture of a bus was put in to communicate the need, utility and availability of Pop’s Minibus service for tours. The simplicity of this communication is that a Minibus service’s relevance to tours is very obvious and well-known. This connection does not need much pushing.

Where might you need us? Day trips

What is a day trip? A day trip is a single-day trip in which a person visits a place and returns on the same day. The connection between day trips and booking a chauffeur-driven Minibus was highlighted with an image which gives the impression of style and speed.

USP Where you might need us and the answer, pictures are strategically placed 

The pictures are placed strategically at two points- below the Hero Image and in the top-right-hand corner. It is a very important part of communication with the potential customer. This is the reason why it is strategically placed at two points. The entire set is also designed to serve as a CTA or Call To Action. If the potential customer/website user clicks anywhere, it will lead him to more information on the specific advantages of booking a Pop’s Minibus for a day trip Seaport or Airports or Tour. Clicking on these will further lead to payment gateways etc. where he or she will be able to quickly book a Pop’s Minibus service.

Location information is given in the Right-hand panel from top to bottom

The location information regarding the service is very clearly displayed with the help of a map which is also labelled.

Why choose Pop’s Minibus service?

The advantages of a Pop’s Minibus service are displayed in the panel

  • Prices to suit all budgets. The potential customer is reassured that Pop’s Minibus service can be suitable to his budget. 
  • The border-only picture of the globe is used to hint that it is a world-class service. 
  • All the Minibuses service is prompt and reliable, clean, Air-conditioned and 10 seaters.
  • All the drivers are police verified, and Bristol City Council Approved.

Through this specific communications panel, Pop’s Minibus Service’s potential customer/ website user is reassured that all the service touch points and facilities are well taken care of by the service provider. The reliability of the Chauffeur is also displayed in writing. Their credibility is verified by the relevant public authorities including the police.

We are available 365 days per year message at the bottom of the page

The potential customer/ website user is made aware that it is a service that is available throughout the year. It is an assurance regarding the reliability of the service in terms of availability. Humans are a creature of habit. Humans usually do not want to get into a habit they cannot maintain. This is the primary reason for the reassurance regarding the year-round availability.

Call to Action button 

This is a visible Call to action o CTA button which is linked to specific details of the service, payment gateways etc. The potential customer or website visitor or website user can make a payment and book a Pop’s Minibus service. 

Home, Experience, News, About Us, Jobs, Contact and link to social media platforms

Social media presence is very important for a business or service in this cyber age. This is the reason why the links to the major social media sites about Pop’s Minibus service are placed on the first page itself. 

Navy blue was used as the background to the USP Message “Where you might need us?”

The service is focused on Great Britain. The country has a rich Naval History. The colour, Navy blue was worn by the Royal Navy. The colour has been hammered into the system of the British people through the ages. The colour is reliable when it comes to marketing in Great Britain. When Roger Moore was introduced as the new James Bond in 1973, the producers introduced him in a Navy Blue Overcoat. The colour is a no-brainer when it comes to the British market. Britain’s most popular Hero since 1962, James Bond, is the Commander of the Royal Navy in terms of his military rank. 

The website is done on a blue palette

The colour blue is closely also associated with the emotion of intuition and inner peace. The website background, borders etc. are designed with different shades of blue. According to research on mental health, aggressive people have been known to calm down after spending time in a blue room. This gels well with Pop’s Minibus service. The subtle communication is that spending time in a Pop’s Minibus will also result in a happy, calm and comfortable state. 


In this digital age, the average website visitor gives a few seconds to a website to engage him or her. If he or she doesn’t find anything unique, he or she just simply goes to the next website. Therefore, the Pop’s Minibus website is strategically UIUX designed to engage the user. The website is a result of the proper implementation of the findings from intensive market research. A great design team headed by an experienced, result-oriented team leader was assigned to develop the Pop’s Minibus website. The focus was on consumer engagement and subsequent conversion. 

If Pop’s Minibus service can satisfy consumers, the website and the service will create the perfect synergy. This synergy will result in customer loyalty and years of profit. The CTA or Call to action was made instructive to lead the customer to make a booking. The website links were tested by an expert tester. All broken links were repaired/ replaced. We also ensured that the page loads very quickly. This type of initial research, planning and implementation is a sureshot strategy for success.

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