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Our method of developing a pathbreaking application is to first research the client’s business to understand it at a very fundamental level. After the research findings throw light on the working of the trading business, we put together a team of expert analysts, designers, testers etc. to best implement our research findings. The entire project is assigned to the project manager with the most appropriate core competencies. Make sure that you get the best Web Design Ascot.

We made the maximum information visible on the opening screen

The simplest rule of trading is that you have to buy when the price is low and sell when the price is high. The difference between the two amounts would make you a profit. In trading, timing is everything. A successful trader needs to be on his or her toes. It is also very important that the trader is continuously updated on the happenings in the trading market. The trader has to be present in the market at all times to get relevant, updated market information. He or she would be very restricted in terms of movement if this was the only way possible. Therefore, to be successful as a trader and also have the freedom of a regular human being, he or she has to be equipped with a tool that provides him or her with continually updated market information.

A UIUX-designed trading application solves the above problem. It gives the user the required freedom to go about his or her daily life while staying connected to the trading market at all times i.e. 24×7. A UIUX-designed trading application goes a step ahead in the problem-solving, cost-benefit curve. How? A trading platform uses computer networks and software to enable online trading. The process is complicated and takes some experience and education for the user to fully comprehend the working features of the platform. However, the UIUX-designed trading application makes the interface very easy to use even for novice users. 

Display of Nifty and Sensex at the top left-hand corner

The nifty and Sensex points are the most important snapshot indicators of the condition of the stock trading market. This is the reason our design team put them right under the eyes of the user. The scope for speculation about NIFTY extends also to whether a trader puts his money on Nifty short or Nifty long. The NIFTY 50 index is the most popular financial product in the Indian trading market. It consists of both off-shore and on-shore exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded options, futures, options abroad etc. It represents the Indian market to investment managers in a single portfolio. The NIFTY 50 index is calculated on a free-float methodology. It is calculated as the weighted average of the top 50 companies on the National Stock Exchange. For most speculative players in the stock market, a quick view of the NIFTY is always very important.

The rise and fall of the Sensex is an indicator of the situation that is prevailing in the share market at any moment in time. A quick look at the Sensex points is also very important to the speculative player in the stock market. What is the Sensex? Why is it so important? The Sensex is the BSE SENSEX or the Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index. It is also calculated with a free-float methodology. It is the weighted average of the 30 reputed, well-established companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange that make up the Sensex. 

The Sensex uses the the company’s shares that are made available to the general public for calculation. The Free floating method does not include the shares that are owned by the Directors of the Company. People invest in the Sensex as it has grown by around 25 times in the last 32 years. In the last 43 years, the long-term rate of return of the Sensex has been over 18.5 per cent per annum. It is the first thing a person with an active interest in trading looks at. This is the reason, we put the updated Sensex and the Nifty figures at the top. 

We connected it to the best server 

Timing is one of the most important aspects of the investment game. The trader has to respond to the ups and downs of the market within a split second. 

A good trading platform provides this facility. The Gostox trading application brings the trading market to a device through a network-based software environment which is connected to the stock market on a real-time basis. 

Specific information like futures markets, stocks, currencies etc. are also displayed by the application. They are connected to the specific servers at the back end which give real-time updation. The Gostox trading application can be specifically tailored to the customer’s needs. Through the Gostox trading applications, the traders can maintain adequately funded accounts. Through this account, they buy and sell on a real-time basis. 

The Gostox trading platform and application employs state-of-the-art architecture databases and also has advanced security systems in place. This highly secured, network-based environment enables traders to electronically negotiate with offers based on transaction parameters. 

Below the Sensex and Nifty points, the options whether the trading platform user is an Instrument or is an options trader. Options traders are a very important part of the financial market. These are professionals who work with clients and provide advice for investing in different stock options. They secure contracts which them the right to buy or sell the stock at a fixed price for a certain period. An Options trader can work as an independent professional or may also be employed by a company. Successful Options traders are among the most knowledgeable professionals in the market. Options trading is riskier than stocks and needs committed professionals. This is the reason why the options traders link was placed at a prominent place in the application. The options traders could be retail investors, industrial traders, brokers etc. 

The button with the link for the instrument traders was also placed at a prominent spot. The most popular instrument for day trading is futures. We put a link to futures trading. Futures are the most liquid commodities in the trading market. We made the links seamless to enable users to trade on popular futures like gold, crude oil, Bitcoin, currency etc. The Trading instruments include various types of tradeable assets, contracts, etc. Futures Contracts, Forward Contracts etc. are also part of the instruments. They also offer diversification of portfolios for the investor. The investor can also diversify between index-based trading and trading based on equity. We also put links to tools that are specifically designed to understand the position of various options to enable the options traders to formulate their options strategies.

 We put a search button for the user’s query

As aforesaid, in the trading business, success depends on knowledge and timing. This is the reason we put a search bar for the user’s query on a specific topic/ stock/options etc. 

Major stocks movements are listed on the left from top to bottom

The major stocks which people actively invest in are also displayed prominently. The stocks like SBIN, Rel Capital, Tata Steel etc. are prominently displayed. The UIUX design was made to enable the application to be a convenient hand-held guide to the market. The panel is designed to get constantly updated with the various ups and downs of the shares.

New Information in the top middle

The new information regarding investing example News, Crypto etc. is placed in the top middle. This is to make all the links available on the opening page. We also made sure that the application was optimized in terms of its links to the servers. We tested and eliminated any broken links.

The News link was put in to make sure that the user was reminded to get himself or herself updated regarding the latest news and happenings in the trading scene. The trading game is all about having the right information at the right time and reacting accordingly. This is precisely what the Gostox trading application aims to do. It provides validated, updated information and also gives the user the tool to react to the information on a real-time basis from anywhere in the world. He or she can be present in the trading market at all times without the need for being physically present. 

A proper visually stimulating graph at the centre as a Hero image

A hero image in web applications parlance is a picture which gives the user the correct idea about the website’s business in a snapshot or at a single glance. This is the reason why we put the graph in the middle. The graph shows downward movement in red colour and upward movement in green colour. It gives a properly updated snapshot to the user and that snapshot is plotted against time on the x-axis of the graph. 

All the details of the user are placed in a panel. Example Active positions, pending orders, day’s history, P/L today, P/L Active Positions.

The second last panel at the bottom right of the opening screen of the application gives the user an analysis of his or her transaction about the specific period of his or her choice. This panel will enable the investor/trader to get a realistic assessment of the result of his or her transactions. We put in the opening screen for this “Reality check” option to be a reminder too. This is a neglected but very important part of the trading activity. 

The user’s transaction details are put in a panel below. Example Order date, instrument, order type, quantity, request price, LTP, Bid, Offer, Investment, Target, Stop loss

We put a panel at the end which shows all the user’s transactions including the bank details etc. This will also ensure the security of the user that no fraudulent transaction has been made from his or her account. As aforementioned, we put in the best security software, firewalls etc for eliminating any malicious use by a third party other than the user.

The entire application was designed with soothing shades of colours

The trading game requires the mindset of a player who is playing a professional sport. It usually ends up being an extremely passionate and emotion-ridden roller coaster ride for the investor/ trader. He or she spends a lot of time looking at the application numerous times during a typical day as a trader/investor. We designed the application with soothing shades to protect his or her eyes and also to keep his or her mind calm. The colour green has a soothing influence and is the colour of nature. The red colour had to be used mostly as a reminder or an alarm system indicating losses or negative movements.

The unique UIUX design of the Gostox trading application

The Gostox trading application is designed to be a very comprehensive instrument of electronic brokerage as well as a great commercial trading platform. Gostox is easy to understand and has features with links that make it a very powerful application. 

It has charts, news feeds, trading tools, techniques, self-analysis tools etc. that provide the requisite support and information. It serves traditional trading as well as crypto-oriented trading activities. Users can register and link their bank accounts with the Gostox trading application. The colour scheme and the design are specifically made to appeal to all ages. The colour scheme appeals to young adults as well as hardcore, experienced traders. 


The Gostox application was designed to deliver the maximum value and profit to the user. Our research showed that if the end-user is convinced that this is his or her best option, things like customer loyalty, profitability etc. would follow. Our focus was to understand the results that we needed to deliver. Once we understood the results that we needed to deliver, we concentrated on the intricacies of the process that would deliver the desired results. Market research findings on the trading industry were an important part of the entire process. 

Creating a trading application with great UI/UX design involves painstaking market research and then collating the mountain of data to arrive at synthesized research findings. The implementation process also involves functionality testing to optimize the processes to make the usage from the front end to the back end very seamless. A great UI/UX design process also provides real-time feedback from the users. This can also be used to put the service as a simple button in the front end and connect it with links to a strong server at the back end. The architecture of the application was made to incorporate more offerings to the customer.

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