Heam- Website for team management software

Heam - Website for Team Management Software

There are certain projects which provide meaning at a personal level as well as satisfaction at a professional level. Building a website for the Heam was one such project. Heam is a team management software. It is common knowledge that a great team has the potential to lead to great results. However, it is said that done. According to our research, a team may have a lot of talented individuals but it will fail to deliver results unless they can work in synergy with each other. For a team to deliver great results, it has to work as a single cohesive unit. Therefore, great team management is pivotal in delivering fantastic results. 

The name “Heam.io” 

It is said that words are very powerful. The process of a human being spelling out a word is a very internalized process. Humans first see a group of letters with their eyes as an inverted image. After this, the upturns the image and processes the group of letters as a word. This word is then processed to make a sound. The sound produced by human beings’ vocal cords has a profound influence on the body and mind.

The Heam.io name was chosen to make the website sound similar to the word, team. According to our research, 80 per cent of the humans who are looking for team management software or help regarding their team management, would associate the sound of the “Heam.io” website with the word team.io. 

We used the name “Heam.io” to include it in the name of the perceptual predisposition set of the person looking for help with his or her team management. The perceptual predisposition set of a person is those things or stimuli that the person’s brain will choose to get attracted to and respond to positively. The human brain is a processor of stimuli it gets from the external as well as the internal environment. It strategically focuses on certain things while consciously ignoring others depending on the situation, perception etc. A person looking for baby products after becoming a parent might suddenly find that there was a shop carrying baby products near his or her house. He or she might have been ignoring the shop for decades till the time his or her need to purchase a baby product came up.

An io TLD extension was chosen

Perception is a very important part of marketing. The word IO is the abbreviation of input and output in computing parlance. The use of the extension, “to” gives a feel of the website having something to do with technology. One of the reasons for this perception could be the similarity of the binary digits 0 (zero) AND 1 (ONE) to the “io” extension. According to research, “.io” domains are popular with startup companies. The “.io” domain gives a very contemporary, cool and techie feel to the domain.

Why the “heam.io” dot is in red

In addition to choosing a “.io” extension, we wanted to add a bit more symbolism of tech to the domain. This symbolism comes from the movie industry. The most popular movie about futuristic, retrograde time-travelling robots is the “Terminator” series of movies. The most popular symbol of the movie is the red-eyed robot. This is the reason we used the red dot between “Heam” and “io” on the website.

These are very subtle associations but are extremely powerful. This was done further to heighten the cool, technological feel of the website. All these subtle nuances add to deliver s message to the user which establishes “Heam.io” as a savvy, modern, technology-oriented business which can deliver results. 

The Hero image was used to communicate what “Heam.io” could deliver

As aforesaid, we begin our website creation process with market research. According to our research, using a Hero image is considered to be the best solution for introducing the website user in the minimum amount of time. 

The Hero image is typically large and expresses the business in very clear terms. We used a Hero image which makes the website user aware of the benefits of using the “Heam.io” software. Make sure to get the best Web Design Cornwall.

The woman in the Hero Image is dressed in casual clothes and is seated in a relaxed posture

According to our research, team leaders feel that delivering results is the most important objective of a team. Team leaders are usually result-oriented individuals. We put an image of a woman in a relaxed posture to drive home the point that using the Heam team management software would deliver results and also keep the peace of mind of the team leader. 

Dynamics between human beings in a team is a very complex process. Every team has centripetal forces that pull the team together as well as centrifugal forces that drive the team apart. The human mind keeps changing and so do the dynamics of a team. Team management is the continuous, hands-on process of continuously monitoring, sometimes stepping in and guiding a team. The important part is that the team should work cohesively towards delivering a common result. 

This provides for the fact that a team leader has to be on his or her toes continuously. He or she has to engage in the workings of the team continuously. It is an arduous and exhausting process. This is why this particular image of a woman dressed in casual clothes, seated in a relaxed posture was chosen. The subtle communication to the website user/ potential customer is that the Heam team management software will make the process of managing a team a very relaxing one. 

The laptop on her lap

The laptop on the lap of the woman in a relaxed posture is also an important part of subtle communication. The intended communication is that all the team leader who uses the Heam team management software is a laptop for managing their team effectively. This also points to the fact that the Heam team management software would enable the user to manage his or her team from anywhere in the world.

The Hero Image and the entire website are created with animated images

The entire image was created in animation so that it has universal appeal. From a thinking perspective, animated characters do not suffer from human limitations. Over the years, animated characters have held to their popularity. According to our research, one of the reasons for the timeless popularity of animated characters is that they are perceived as capable of doing what ordinary or even extraordinary human beings cannot. Adults also love animated characters as it helps them to tap into their inner child. Watching the most popular animated characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Popeye, Flintstones, Shaggy Rogers of Scooby Doo, etc. lead to a capability of an unrestricted, vivid imagination. 

According to our research, being imaginative is very important to the success of a business. The mental capability of being able to think out of the box, and transcend reality enables a business/ team leader to solve problems. 

A spaceship is being launched in the background 

The spaceship in the background of the woman using the laptop is a symbol of the limitless capability of the human mind. As aforesaid, we created the entire imagery in animation to make a subtle of how the heam.io team management software can enable a person to tap into the limitless capabilities of the human mind. 

According to our research, a spaceship/rocket is something which most humans consider to be a sign of the extreme capabilities of humans. 

doorway frame which also looks like a keyhole/ a gateway to another dimension

The doorway/gateway-like structure which acts as the border of the Hero Image was created to be a symbol of how the heam.io team management software empowers a person. The animated doorway was specially created to show how the heam.io software can deliver results which can take a person to another level/dimension of success in team management.

Detail about the team on the screen….the laptop screen displayed to the website user inside the keyhole-like doorway

The current events happening in the team up to the last minute are projected on the screen. The events which are happening are shown on the screen in the Hero image. This will enable the potential customer to understand the seamless team management enabled by heam.io. This imagery shows that it is very easy to stay updated with the team’s activities by using heam. io-team management software.

2nd panel from top “Discover”, “Features”, “Pricing”, “Get started”

The Hero image is responsible for creating the imagery of satisfaction a team leader would get by using heam. The 2nd panel from the top are all CTA buttons which would try to convert the interested customer. All the buttons are linked to a payment gateway which would lead to the sale.

The “Get started” button 

The website also includes a strategically placed button at the centre which would induce a trial of the product by the potential customer.

The “Watch video” button

According to our market survey, videos which demonstrate the advantages of a product are most likely to get a click from the interested customer. Therefore, we included a video which not only demonstrates the product but also makes the potential consumer how it can benefit his or her team management capabilities immensely. The video also includes insights about how this team management software will give him or her a more relaxed, better quality of life.

Shades of magenta, blue Magenta and blue have been used as the background

The website has been designed primarily with background shades of magenta and blue. Magenta is a combination of reddish purple and pink. It is located in the middle of red and blue in the colour wheel. It is a created, extra-special colour and is not associated with the natural colours in monochromatic visible light. It is used to create colours on computer displays. In the CMYK colour model, Magenta is the complementary/opposite colour of green. According Since green is representative of natural colour, magenta is the representative of created/ manufactured colours. In human beings, Magenta is stimulated in the brain when the human eye sees/reports input from short-wave blue cone cells. The magenta colour has been used to represent the artificial environment that the heam.io team management software is capable of creating. Magenta was a very important colour for the production of cartoon/ animated strips. It is also a colour used extensively in psychedelic paintings. 

The colour blue is considered the colour associated with mental calmness. In clinical studies, aggressive mental patients who have been put in a blue-coloured room have also been reported to have calmed down. Therefore, Magenta is representative of the artificial team environment and the colour blue is representative of the calmness of the environment. 

We used UIUX design and colour schemes to implode the mind of the user. In this cyber age, the attention span of humans is getting progressively shorter. Social media sites have also launched 1-minute videos. Our research on the subject matter of the website, the target audience, potential customers, etc. clearly indicated that we needed to make an impression in a very profound and subtle way. We prioritized the implementation of the findings from our research. For example, the team leader would like to see himself or herself as friendly. So, we used a very pleasing shade of yellow and blue for dressing up the character in the Hero Image. 

Yellow is vibrant and friendly colour. As aforesaid, blue is the colour associated with calmness. Therefore, the communication and the design seem very simple but are very well-planned and strategized. Getting the potential customer’s attention, holding on to it and converting them to customers is the key to the success of the client’s business. 

We also reduced the number of steps the customer has to take by placing multiple calls to action or CTA buttons. We linked the payment gateway to several buttons on the page. This makes the entire process much easier for the user. This leads to higher conversion rates and more revenue. For the user, enhanced team handling can lead to a better company culture in terms of values, goals, attitudes etc. This makes it a win-win proposition for our client as well as the end user. 


We started the website-building process for the heam-team management software, with extensive research on the subject. After the research process was over, our data analysis team streamlined the findings in an easy-to-understand format. Post this, we put together a great team (there we go again) of UIUX designers, analysts, testers, project managers etc. to come up with a great website which would appeal to the users. 

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