How To Convert Social Media Followers To Customers?

How To Convert Social Media Followers Into Long-Term Customers

Billions of people are available on Social Media. It has become compulsory for every business to stay active on all popular social media platforms as social media is one of the best ways to build a brand. The first step when you enter Social Media Marketing is to get followers. More followers mean a trustable brand, but, getting more and more followers will not generate revenue for you, you can only gain profit by selling them your product. So, you need to convert your followers into your customers. Here you will find the top 5 tips that will help you to sell your product to your social media followers.

Tips to Covert Social Media Followers to Customers

Send Them Welcome message

You get alerts when anyone follows you or likes your page. When anyone follows you, send them a welcome message. This will get them engaged with you easily. Keep in mind to not use a simple welcome message like “thanks for following our page, we are happy to have you”. Instead, use an engaging message that makes them curious about your coming posts.

Find your Right Audience

Remember all of your followers will not buy from you. So you need to find the right ones. For that, you can conduct research in such a way that they will share what they are interested in by posting questions like what they like to do, what are their needs and what attracts them the most etc. This will get them engaged with you. Also, this will help you to find the genuine followers that can buy something from you.

Share Experience of your Customers

The best way to make your followers buy from you is to share the experience of your past and present customers with your followers. It can be anything like, what how your product helped them and how they got treated while dealing with you etc. This will make others to buy products from you rather than your competitor.

Give Special Discount coupons

Always offer some extra discount to your followers as it will keep them interested in your posts. For that, you can post posts like “special discount for our followers. Email us where you found this post and we will send you a coupon to get a discount”. This is a great way to get more conversations and getting emails easily.

Collect Emails

An engaging post will always get clicks and we all know that. When your followers click on your post the page they will land should be attractive and before going further, you need to collect their email. You can offer them a free trial or eBook when they sign up. As a result, if they don’t buy the product on the page they landed, you can communicate with them via email and can offer some discount there. The chances will be higher to get sales with this strategy as they already have visited your product they were interested in that and offering a discount will encourage them to buy.

So, these are the tops 5 ways to convert your followers into long-term customers. If you don’t have time to handle your social media promotion, you can contact agencies like SEO marketing Bristol. These days most famous brands get SEO marketing services to handle their social business profiles as there are many social networks.. So, if you want to get customers from social media, do hire SEO Agency Bristol for all SMO and SEO Services.

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