Jack’s Enigma- How much minimalistic can we get?

How much minimalistic can we get?

Every business has its very unique features. Therefore, we always start by researching the business or service that is connected to the website. Creating a website for Jack’s enigma on the topic of how minimalistic one can get is one of our most interesting assignments. According to our research findings, we plan and execute the content to convey a message which attracts consumers in the language spoken by the business or service. 

Minimalism is a rather enigmatic subject. It is often misunderstood. Minimalism is a different world altogether. It has its art, crafts, architecture, etc. It is about keeping what is essential. According to our research, people who create minimalistic architecture, art, furniture, etc. believe that their minimalistic creations communicate with the environment, nature, etc. We also decided to communicate the meaning of the word, Enigma through our design. 

Jack’s Enigma. How much minimalistic can we get? The logo design.

Jack is also presented as an enigma. To know more about Jack, the website user will have to click on the website/links, The website’s topic rests on the question mentioned above. According to our research, minimalism is a growing phenomenon. Minimalism had a cult following. The recent trend is that minimalist lifestyles and principles are being adopted and followed by more and more people. 

Minimalism and simplicity are similar and different at the same time. Minimalism is a form of simple living but unlike simplicity, minimalism can be measured. Minimalism is a loud statement, unlike simplicity. Therefore we designed the logo, “Jacks Enigma” in simple black letters and placed it on a white background. 

 Jack’s enigma in small letters

The topic of this website is, “How minimalistic can we get”? Therefore, the minimalistic logo starts small at the beginning of the page. 

The small logo at the top is symbolic of a small start into the minimalistic lifestyle. 

A wide space with a white background and the words, “Jack’s enigma” written again in large letters

A person cannot be expected to jump into a minimalistic lifestyle. The practice of a minimalistic lifestyle is a progressive and ongoing process. The progressive enlargement of the logo also hints at the progression of a person into a minimalistic lifestyle pattern. It also correlates to the key question/ topic of this website, “How minimalistic can we get”?

We have made a deliberate attempt to project minimalism as a journey. The top/drone view of a road has been used as a symbol in the website design. However, this website is about “Jack’s Enigma”. This is the reason why the road surface is white while the signs and demarcations on the road are black. We have kept the colour scheme the same but we have reversed it. 

A person who undertakes the journey towards minimalism can always discard objects and add minimalistic ones. In a way, he or she can modify and improve his or her minimalism according to his or her perception of minimalism. as improve and modify his minimalistic lifestyle. 

The message, “Sample deals for all great owners”

This “Offer” is in keeping with the pivotal question which drives the thought process behind this website, “How minimalistic can we get”? The people who have subscribed to the minimalistic lifestyle, have made purchases from the website, etc. are addressed as “Great owners”.

This focuses on making fresh, attractive offers to existing customers who have made purchases through the “Jack’s Enigma” website. This is also an offer to encourage people to delve further into the minimalistic lifestyle and the products/ services offered by Jack’s Enigma. 

A collection of successive black lines on a white background. The black lines get thicker from top to bottom

In keeping with the pivotal question/topic of the website, the black lines on the website get progressively thicker from top to bottom. The user can start with a nominally minimalistic lifestyle and then delve more deeply into it. The thickening of the black lines represents this progression. 

The thickest black line has the message “We keep things simple and expedient” in white

The words Minimalism and simplicity are often used with the same connotation. The term expedient is used to refer to something that is a convenient option. An expedient option usually solves a problem conveniently. The expedient solution is usually the most advantageous, shortcut solution available. 

This tagline, “We keep things simple and expedient” is perceived as the result of adopting and delving further into a minimalistic lifestyle. This is the reason why it is placed in the thickest black line on the page. It is a visual encouragement to the website user to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle and progress further into it. The result will be a convenient lifestyle as suggested by the words, simple and expedient. The message to the website user is as follows. In the present scenario riddled with complexities, the adoption of progressive minimalism will enable a person to lead an uncomplicated and convenient life. 

The message “Let’s explore” in the white alphabet on a grey background

Minimalism is a way of life. After re-assuring the website user of the results of a minimalistic lifestyle, the words, “Let’s explore” is used as a strategically placed “Call to Action” for the uninitiated website user. 

This is done to transform the thought paradigm of the user and move him or her towards a minimalistic lifestyle and progress on this path. The word simplicity has been used to entice the website user towards a minimalistic lifestyle. Most people understand the meaning of simplicity but not minimalism. The concept of simplicity is way older than the concept of minimalism. Everyone wants a simple, convenient life. By responding to this CTA or Call To Action, the website user can learn about the advantages of delving deeper into a minimalistic lifestyle. 

According to our research on human thinking, more than 80 per cent of people on this planet get positively excited at the prospect of exploring something new. They are also more likely to join a group of explorers than go on a solitary journey of exploration. This is another reason the words, “Let’s explore” were used as the CTA. If you avail the services of the best Web Design Ascot, it will certainly benefit you.

A grey area is the most appropriate representation of an enigma.

A black background base on which a few words in Hindi language and the words “Mukbang Dell” 

Since the website is called, “Jack’s enigma”, the words in the Hindi language were to heighten the effect of the word, Enigma. Enigma is something which has various dimensions and is difficult to clearly define and interpret. The words/ characters in the Hindi Language will seem like an enigma to the website visitor who would expect the website to be only in the English language.  

On the other hand, Mukbang is a trending social media phenomenon. It comes from the Korean word, Meokbang. It means eating show or eating broadcast. A Mukbang which uses leftover food or food that is very cheap can be part of the minimalistic lifestyle. However, food that is expensive and consumed in gluttonous portions is the opposite of a minimalistic lifestyle. 

This part of the website tends to mix the concepts of Minimalism and Enigma. It is intended to raise questions in the website visitor’s mind and keep him or her engaged. This combination raises the curiosity of the user. It does so in a minimalistic, quirky way. According to research, a website gets a few seconds to get the visitor’s attention. In this minimalist and enigma-focused website, blank spaces are created with UI/UX design. The strategy for customer engagement looks rather simple but was arrived upon with a lot of brainstorming. 


The website UI design was a result of our research on the business or service that the website provided. The website was also test-run for seamless browsing. All links were checked for broken links. A carefully planned website with UI/UX design goes a long way in engaging potential customers. This leads to more revenue and greater profits. Of course, it is imperative that the final product needs to satisfy customers. A great website with UI/UX design can also enable a business or service to launch new products/services and modify current products/ services to get absolute customer loyalty and trust. A good Web Design Amersham will ensure that they follow all the necessary guidelines and create a good website.

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