The importance of color and branding in a restaurant website

In this day and age, it is quite normal for consumers to research the various websites of restaurants while choosing a place to eat. It is for this reason that the websites for restaurants play such a crucial role. That being said, it is also important to mention that the restaurant industry is notorious for having outdated and poor-quality websites. But the actual point is that a good quality website will be able to make the difference between a new customer and a missed opportunity. Irrespective of how good your, food, services and ambience are, a poorly constructed website will negatively impact your restaurant business.

Many people assume that the quality of the website of a restaurant is reflective of the quality of the restaurant itself. So it is important to keep the restaurant website design at its best. You should consider the website the face of the restaurant’s brand. It is the website that creates a first impression on potential customers. This also sets the stage for their expectations. If you have already decided on your menu, customer service, as well as location, it is high time that you should also make your restaurant website complement it.

We, at Launch your business designed a beautiful website for Kashi Indian Restaurant. The primary colours we used on this site are pink and white.

Pink Colour

We recommend you use pink colour for the interiors (and uniform) of your restaurants due to the following reasons:

  • The pink colour has a soft and calming effect. It reduces adrenaline levels and thereby also reduces emotional stress. 
  • This colour also affects your subconscious mind. It makes you feel safe and trustworthy. It is associated with youth, freshness and beauty. 
  • This colour also helps in stimulating the appetite. 
  • This is a colour that reminds you of childhood and youth, the time when people did not bother about status or finances. 

Green colour

This is a colour that represents healthy foods and vitamin shops. This is the colour that is located on the boundary of warm and cold colours in the palette. All the different shades of the green color are associated with nature. According to scientists, green colour is a perfect balance, and therefore, many people like this colour. 

  • This colour relieves the stress level, removes eyes strain, relaxes you and also gives you a feeling of comfort. 
  • It makes you feel confident.
  • This colour also highlights a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. 
  • Green is used to portray wealth, balance, harmony, relaxation, nature, environment and creativity.
  • Green is commonly used in food because it is associated with being healthy, vegetarian, and fresh and having a good taste.

White colour 

This is a colour that reflects natural and artificial rays perfectly, which makes it the brightest in all palettes of colours. This colour is therefore also used to intensify illumination. 

  • The white colour gives an impression of purity. 
  • White colour stimulates innocence, clarity, purity, and hope.
  • The white space is significant in creating menu design as this contributes to the effective legibility of a menu. 
  • If you are using this colour properly, it can also give a sense of cleanliness or clarity and is usually most popular as a secondary or accent colour. Moreover, when plating, white space can accentuate a particular dish. Your focus is drawn towards the food.

The right restaurant website colour palette is important

The top visual aspects that customers appreciate on a website are colour, images, and videos. The modern web design statistics 2021 show that photographs and colour were mentioned by nearly 40% of respondents, while video was mentioned by 21%.

Your restaurant company should prioritize adding images and choosing a website colour palette before doing anything else based on the data that has been provided. The excellent selection of web colour palettes would visually speak for your restaurant website’s online success and presence.

Here are the 5 main reasons why choosing the right colour palettes for your restaurant website is crucial:

The composition of the right colour palettes helps you to remember easily

The first impression that is created in the mind of your potential customers is how you beautifully craft a composition of colours for the web content layout. This adds up to the personal interaction between your restaurant business and your customers. Moreover, your customers will also associate this with your restaurant brand. Therefore, it will automatically help them to remember the offered menu and services.

Allow the web visitors to navigate your web content

It is undoubtedly a fact that a good web layout always uses the right colour palettes or hues. This will ensure that the movement of the visitors would easily flow from one section to another. On the other hand, if the colour palettes are poorly selected, it would make it difficult for visitors who are trying to navigate your restaurant website content.  

Helps in building hierarchy on a web page

The contrast and the weight of the colour palettes can be used to create a hierarchy within a particular web page. It also depends on which web elements or groups of content sections deserve a level of importance. You can therefore use colour tints to differentiate them from their surrounding elements.

Provide better accessibility and UI/UX

As per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the website must not only have a beautiful layout, but it’s also important to be accessible to everyone, especially visitors with disabilities. You should use a colour palette interface that meets standards either in text colour contrast ratio and the button change of state because these will help colour-blind users to access the restaurant website. Get the best Web Design Reading.


At Launch your business, we create quality WordPress website designs across different sectors. These are designed to drive business and promote conversions. You can trust us as we will improve the business of your restaurant by creating a beautiful and the most effective website. It is important to understand here that, we eat with our eyes. Therefore, colour is quite a critical aspect of creating successful website designs.

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