This is how we designed the Fintechia website

Fintechia website

It has been said that user engagement is the key to success in this digital age. We happily took up the challenge of creating a website for Fintechia Webdesign. We took our tried and tested approach of conducting a market survey on the client’s industry to find out what works and what doesn’t. Our team of analysts analyzed the data from the market survey to arrive at a body of knowledge which would provide the exact direction for creating the best website for the client. We put together a team of great UI/UX designers, content creators, testers etc. The team was headed by an experienced project manager who was well known for delivering great quality completed projects within the stipulated deadline. 

We started with the words, “We create awesome stuff” 

According to a 2016 survey, a website got only 8 seconds to make an impression on the visitor. Every website needs unique solutions for its web promotions. In this project, the keyword that we focused on was user engagement. 

In this digital age, the most important factor about engaging the visitor is about grabbing his attention with great visual imagery which stimulates his brain and connects to his mind. We focused on a strategy which would appeal to the visitor from a creative standpoint. Therefore, the website makes it loud and clear that it is capable of creating awesome stuff.

We placed a CTO button at the top right corner which invites the user to connect. It says, “Let’s connect”.

According to research, the friendliness of the website is. We used the color jazzy shade of electric blue colour. In strict hex colour code, the colour electric blue is a bright, energetic and vivid shade of blue. We did not exactly use the traditional electric blue of the hex colour chart which is similar to cyan, turquoise etc. We used a bright, tangy and intense shade of blue which in everyday use is also known as electric blue. It is the colour associated with rock concert lighting, and electric sparks and is associated with electric energy. Blue is generally considered a very soothing colour but the electric blue version is about energetic excitement. 

However, the basic blue colour is associated with reliability and trust. Studies on aggressive mental patients have shown that they calmed down when they stayed in a blue room. Therefore, the colour communicates a trustworthy friend who also has innovative and electrical energy. According to polls, blue is by far the most popular colour. The most important point is that electric blue grabs the attention of the viewer as it is an eye-catching colour. 

The website background was made in a light shade of grey

The point we wanted to focus on is the connection. We used the colour electric blue in the CTO button, “Let’s Connect”. We selected the electric blue colour as it is an amazingly versatile colour. We put this tangy, electrifying shade of blue on a grey light grey background. We chose the colour grey as it is associated with maturity and trust. We used a slightly whitish, lighter shade of grey to stay away from the colour grey’s association with gloominess. 

We chose the iconic paintings by Raja Ravi Verma to grab the attention of the visitor

Raja Ravi Verma is an 1848-born royal relative of the Court of Travancore in India. One of his iconic paintings fetched a price of over 1.5 million US Dollars at a Sotheby’s auction in New York. His paintings are considered legendary as he was able to picture a nation as it could be rather than what it was at that time. In short, his paintings have a very futuristic view and also project the depths of human relationships. He is also known to reflect the traditional values in his paintings. The legendary journey of his paintings even after his demise from a small village in India to Sotheby’s, New York, is unbelievable but true. He is well-known among art aficionados all over the world. Although he passed away in 1906, his legacy lives on. A collection of his vivid paintings was offered to the website visitor to enhance engagement. Make sure that you get the best Web design Surrey.

We used abstract art and colours to get the attention of the user.

An additional blue background was put over the whitish-grey background for the core image-related communication of the website. Various shapes like a circle, an abstract pine circle with thorn-like protrusions, a conjoined triangle with concave sides, and an abstract heptagram (structure having seven sides) were put to get the attention of the website visitor. An additional shape in the form of two parallelograms was placed touching each other and running parallel to each other was also placed. The circle had a calming blue colour, while the abstract circle with thorn-like structures sticking out encased a Raja Ravi Verma classic painting. The conjoined triangle-like shape with concave sides was placed in the middle and housed a classic Ravi Verma painting featuring a mother and daughter. The abstract Septagon was made in light green with a black dot and a few grass-like structures inside to communicate an abstract representation of nature. The two parallelograms were made in a pleasing shade of violet with black lines. This last shape communicates an abstract representation of energy and electricity. This was made to communicate the sheer range of creative capabilities of Fintechia web designers

We used UI/UX webdesign extensively

We used UI/UX design to make the interface friendly, detailed as well as artistically appealing. The importance of great UI/UX design for modern website designs cannot be overstated. It is said that the first impression is the last. A mix of classic images and modern abstract designs was used to cater to the necessary visual stimulation of the viewer/ website visitor. It also served the purpose of grabbing the attention span of the visitor within their limited attention span. The CTO button (Let’s connect) was connected to the e-commerce, digital payment, digital services etc. aspects of the website so that the user could connect and make an immediate purchase of the services. 


The market research on the website designing industry threw up important points about the creation of this website. We also tested the speed of the website as this is an often overlooked aspect. Everything about a website may be right but it can bomb in efficacy due to slow loading speed. Our testers ensured that all broken links were set right and that the website loads at warp speed. We planned and strategised carefully and left nothing to chance. 

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