This is why it is a good option to use dark theme for a gaming website

Theme for a gaming website

Several websites and apps have switched to black and grey UI. You might be wondering why they did this and which is better. The light design is the safe choice, while the dark design is a much trendier option. But if they are done in the wrong way, there are chances that you might not get the desired result. Therefore, it is important to understand which websites require a dark background.

Website has a dark design.

Do you need a stylish website? The dark web design is the best option for gaming and technology companies. This is also the best colour for visual content-heavy sites.

The darker UI is much more difficult to pull off, but the results are worth it, provided they are used correctly. These tones are most suited to the recreational sites used at night, especially the ones that aim to emphasize visual or video content. 

Moreover, a dark interface is also much better on the eyes when used in the long term. These are indeed unsuitable for reading short articles, as black on white is more legible, but it is perfect when using many text messages. If you decide to go with dark, you need to pick a muted palette and rarely use bright colours for emphasis.

These are the reasons why most users prefer dark mode

  • The dark mode reduces eye strain and also improves readability in the nighttime hours
  • This also helps in prolonging the battery life of your smartphone
  • This emphasizes the visual content and also the overall emotional appeal

This is when the dark Mode UI Design Work Well.

You might have noticed that many streaming services websites have dark-themed UI designs. This is because most people use these websites in the evening. They are also viewed from about 6–10 feet in rooms with fewer lights. Moreover, the colourful content stands out better on dark-themed UIs. This is what a dark-themed user interface does:

  • It emphasizes a strong, dramatic look of the visuals
  • This also focuses the attention of the user having minimal distractions
  • This also supports visual hierarchy and information architecture

Advantages of dark-themed websites

  • It enhances long-term readability, is great for heavy coding reading and is perfect for those sites that need to be read for a long time.
  • They are stylish and trendy.
  • These create quite a dramatic or mysterious atmosphere.
  • This can be used to emphasize content or de-emphasize both the empty user interface and the cluttered User interface.

Reasons why you should choose a dark theme for your website

A web designer needs to establish the look and feel of a product. He should ensure that the initial design decision is appropriate to the product’s purpose, a particular situation, and audience. Moreover, the colour scheme will also have a long-lasting impact and must be carefully selected. All this starts with selecting a background on which the design elements have been placed. In most cases, the background is white.

There are some very important reasons for choosing a bright background. Some of them include contrast, text as well as readability. It should also have the ability to work with several subtle colours. According to many scientific studies, optimal legibility requires black text on a white background. Branding might influence the decision because the company logos and colours might not always work with a dark colour palette.

These days, the dark mode has also become a new norm in the internet world. Many websites and apps are starting to apply these darker themes to attract users. For a gamer, the dark mode themes have already become one of the mandatory features due to the reasons mentioned below:

Suits the habits of the gamers

Most gamers prefer to play at night or play in a dark room. This is to ensure that the light from the monitor is the solitary source of light in the room. If these gamers open a website or an app with a bright look, they will certainly find it irritating as those seem too bright in a dim-lit room. For this reason, gamers tend to activate the dark mode theme so that their eyes are still comfortable seeing the monitor screen even when they are in a dark room or at night.

Less Glare

The dark mode themes are appropriate for gamers as they have less glare, which suits their dark surroundings.

Easy on the Eye

Apart from the lees glare, these dark mode themes are also much more pleasant to look at because of their simple and soothing looks. These themes will also make users much more comfortable looking at the screen.

They have a very elegant and relaxing look.

When dark themes are used in certain apps and websites, they are likely to have simple, elegant, and relaxing looks. It is for this reason that gamers love these kinds of themes. These have a neat look and a soothing effect when they stare at PC screens playing certain games for a longer period. When you are staring at a website or app with the dark mode feature, it might be the outlet for the gamers that will help to calm themselves down due to their dark and lonely atmosphere.

There are relatable elements to the gaming culture.

Most of you are aware of the fact that everything related to gaming does have a darker theme. For example, some peripherals that include keyboards or gaming-mouse are mostly black, and there are also all-black gaming consoles, among many other things. Surely, gamers would feel familiar and content with the dark mode themes as they are already used to looking at dark-coloured equipment or items.


With the dark mode themes, a gamer will surely feel much more accommodated as the glare from the light themes does not disrupt their visions. So, choosing a dark mode for your gaming website will always be a good option. The Asbestos website has been designed keeping these factors in mind, and a gaming website designed in this way will surely attract the audience’s attention.

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