Tips to write an SEO optimized article: 2019 Guide

Tips to write an SEO optimized article: 2019 Guide

Many bloggers and digital marketers are finding it hard to rank their websites higher on different search engines. Well, the key aspect that enables any website to rank at the top or to engage more and more visitors on the site is ‘content creation’. According to Bristol, SEO company Launch Your Business UK, writing SEO optimized articles is what is required by Google to rank your website and help generate more income for you.
So here we have discussed some of the best tips to produce a fully SEO optimized article as per latest 2018 SEO trends. The search engine optimization follows this strategy to rank at the top in search engine.

1. Select the right keywords:

Being a digital marketer the most prominent component of creating an article is to find relevant keywords to be inserted in it. The best way to find the keywords is to look for the most frequent search terms related to your topic. For this, you can also contact Launch Your Business seo agency situated in Bristol that will provide you with a useful list of keywords for your site. Along with choosing the right set of keywords, it is also essential to place the keywords at the right places in the articles.

2. Try to write long articles

From the Google’s point of view, writing long articles is always an additional bonus point so as to enhance the ranking of your site. To write a long word count, thoroughly research the topic and try to include all the facts and useful information. While writing content, always try to write it as per the requirements of a reader and make it interesting enough so that the visitors don’t feel bored on your site.

3. Unique and quality content:

To write an SEO optimized article, always remember to put useful and unique content for your site. A good content is that which is not plagiarized from any other source and is embedded with proper keywords and figures. Including false information or copied content can lose your visitors and it is also a negative point for ranking in search engines. The more original content you provide the more chances of getting huge visitors on your site.

4. Use proper heading tags:

A heading or title of the article is the foremost thing that catches the attention of any visitor. Therefore the tile should be attractive, useful and keyword rich. Also use proper heading tags like h1, h2, h3 and so on to divide the article into several paragraphs so as to make it easy for reading and understanding of the visitors.

5. Internal link and anchor text:

To grab the attention of the readers, always go for linking your articles to one another. Whenever any reader reads one piece of content, he will directly be able to read other posts as well. In this regard, anchor text plays a vital role and it should be used differently each time you put it in an article. So it is recommended by SEO marketing Bristol to link your older posts to newer ones

And so the advice of Launch Your Business in Bristol is to follow these simple guidelines to produce a fully SEO optimized article with the aim to improve your rankings on search engines. This techniques or tips will surely enhance the number of visitors to your site along with building a reputation among the readers.

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