Upcoming Digital marketing trends in 2020

Upcoming Digital marketing trends in 2020

The year 2019 is nearly about to get over. And every new year brings new opportunities and new energies. Similarly, a new year awaits for us to have some news about upcoming trends it posses. Not the complete spoilers, but we have a glimpse of all the latest and new patterns of digital marketing that might get some extra footage in the upcoming year. What are the new trends in the influencer market, any updates in web and video, etc.?
Bristol web design agency has the list of trends that might be going to stay in the limelight in the year 2020? Let’s have a look!

Private chat apps

You must have known Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Wechat are social apps that help you to communicate with your friends. But you will be surprised to know that these apps are widely used by businessmen to connect with clients. According to many surveys and reports, facebook messenger has exchanged 10 billion messages between individuals and businesses. These applications are already in use and are gaining popularity for a long time.

For upcoming time companies and businesses are planning to utilize their personalized apps to connect with people more. These apps will provide an eas of money paying and receiving. Some are already undergoing an experiment process.

Embrace the one marketing software

You might know many marketing technology vendors. They have a lot of software for your problem. According to many studies, average companies are using 91 marketing cloud services, which is such a vast number.
To avoid such a software mess, people are switching to software that will sync every necessary tool. One such example is HubSpot. In the coming years, many enterprises will start using single marketing software provider. Now many people will how only software can handle all the things? Here are the benefits of it:

  • It will help you to reduce tedious work and will enable you to establish your daily work routine.
    Your marketing efforts will be more streamlined, and you can keep track of your customer choice.
  • It will improve your communication with the customer and make it more manageable.

Google Ads doing the smart biding

Thanks to the recent Google Ad updates, Google Smart bidding is going to be the norm for many PPC managers in 2020. Now you can shift your focus towards smart bidding with it. It will help companies get the maximum value out f every conversion with bids optimization as well. These improvements will help to choose the conversion actions at the time of campaigns and also improve your campaign to get desired results. It is also enriched with the feature to start a bid automatically and Similarly to stop it when the sale ends. It will help you to increase your overall conversions.


Personalization was always there, but it is becoming something meaningful with these coming years. Some companies are already using it and other big composite brands like Amazon, doing it well. It shows products to customers that might attract their eyes, or they may buy. Such performance requires a sound and in-depth study about customer’s behaviour and their preferences.
Many studies have been conducted to find out how a customer behaves with different things. And you would be amazed to know that 79% of them feel frustrated and irritated if they don’t see the relevant content according to their needs and preferences. Hence we can say personalization is genuinely in the upcoming trend of digital marketing.

Tech is everywhere!

With the future 5G technology on smartphones, many other tech trends like Voice search, AI, connected TV’s are transforming them into something new and engaging. By gaining a good share of the market and client’s attention, these technologies are continuously trying to stay a step ahead in the race. Some latest updates might be seen in the coming year:

  1. With the new 5G technology, the usage of mobiles will increase globally, as it will transform the content a viewer use and see.
  2. Now video personalization would be easy and convenient with the upcoming advancements in AI technology.
  3. Voice searches will be in the same top choices list of customers. Alexa, Siri, Google Home will have some new advancements with more accuracy.

More focus on customer’s behaviour

Organizations that take care of their customer behaviour are more likely to retain their customers. And bringing new clients is equally important to every organization. Here are a few tips on how it is going to be on the priority list of many organizations for 2020:

Influencer marketing: Many studies have already proved that 86% of women tend to check social media before accepting any product. It helps in building and maintaining customers’ trust as well.

More emphasis on video: 95% of the people like to watch the video if they want to know about any product or it’s working. Companies can create their videos and can engage with their customers more actively. It also creates transparency as they tend to trust your expertise.

So, these new trends will have new dimensions to Digital marketing and they are definitely going to rule the world in 2020.

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