What goes into the creation of a great website for a an event management company

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Every business has its unique characteristics. Therefore, the client’s requirement for a great website solution is always very different. Every client needs unique solutions to the problems associated with their online promotions. The solutions only come from experience, knowledge, and a deep understanding of the client’s business or service. We can take the creation process of a website for Dental, an event management agency, as an example. Make sure that you get the best Web Design Richmond.

We were consulted to create a website to give our client a fabulous online presence in the event management business. The website was also designed to showcase his event promotion capabilities and generate more business. 

How the website for the event management agency was created

Thorough understanding of the client’s business went into the conceptualization of the website 

To create a great website, it is essential to understand the exact nature of the event management agency business. What is the client’s motivation for organizing the event? What does the client want to organize for the event? What is the message that the client wants to communicate in the event? What is the client’s takeaway from the event? 

Started with a Hero image: 

We put an attractive “Hero image” of high resolution in a color tone that was different from the rest of the website at the beginning of the first page. A Hero image also announced that our client is UK’s best event management agency.

What is a Hero image? A Hero image in the cyber world is an idea that announces the nature of the business or the service rendered by the owner of the website in very loud and unambiguous terms. This Hero image was in black and white, contrasting the colors of the rest of the website. This automatically focused attention on the Hero Image. The Hero image should be the numerous attendees of an event and the rock star who was the attendees’ focus.

According to research, most people fantasize about being treated like a rock star. The term rock star is not to be taken literally. Any person delivering any communication at an event would like to have the admiration and undivided attention of the attendees, similar to a rock star. They would also like the attendees or the audience to be in sync with the rhythm of their communication like a rock star.

Hero image and the other images of the events also included the target audience

In any business, the end customer is the key. The end user of an event management project is the satisfaction of the target audience. The assembly of the target audience and their satisfaction with the event will generate revenue for the event management agency. 

The photographs of the various events and the pictures of the target audience thronging to the events in large numbers showed the capability of the event management agency to attract the target audience to the desired location. Make sure to get the best Web Design Sutton.

 Showcased different types in varied settings and conditions. 

We also showcased different types of events that the agency is capable of organizing. One event photograph was under the open skies. Another event photograph showed an event in a room. The lighting conditions of the different events were intentionally chosen to be different. This showcased the range of events the event management agency could organize.

 Just below the hero image, we put a picture of professionals planning an event 

A picture of creative professional planning an event was put in to showcase the detailed planning capabilities. It also communicated that the event management agency could deliver an event from point A to Z, Starting with the planning and conceptualization stage. The ability of the agency to convert invitees to attendees with intricate A-to-Z planning was also showcased. The event should provide value to the attendees. If the event offers an excellent deal for the time and or money of the attendees, the conversion ratio of the invitations sent out to the actual footfall of the attendees will be perfect. This requires a very intricate understanding of the mind of the target audience. Once an event management agency can figure out the target audience’s mind, they will be able to place rewards and motivations for the target audience to attend the event.

Different brands and numbers were put in to showcase the proven track-record 

The numbers of clients, different brand logos of clients, etc., were showcased to display the varied experience of the agency.

Thought process that went into the design of the event management agency website

A wide range of pleasing colors, along with the black and white hero image colors, were used to communicate the intensely creative capabilities of the agency      

The use of a wide range of colors stimulates the brain of the viewer, and it also communicates different thinking processes and moods. Once the target audience’s motivations are understood, the event management agency has to find a plan to organize the event, enabling the event to happen smoothly and without any glitches. 

A client testimonial spoke of the client satisfaction that the event management agency is capable of delivering.

A testimonial from a happy and satisfied client was also included. In the yesteryears, people used to ask friends and family for the feedback before making a purchase decision. This is called social proof. In this cyber age, consumers look for online feedback from other customers to make a purchase decision. The client testimonial is meant to act as social proof for the website visitor.

The differentiating factor which sets this event management agency apart from its competition was also communicated in one word                                                  

Human beings love memories. The capability of the event management agency to create an event that would last in the memory of the audience or attendees was communicated in a simple and powerful one-word message. The message was put in the end to make it last in the viewer’s memory.

The navigation of the website was also checked and put through a test-run

The navigation of the website was made to enable seamless browsing. It was also a test run to ensure that all the tools, faculties, etc., were in the right place. Nothing was left to chance.

Great first impression

Research shows you only about 50 milliseconds to 4 seconds to create a great online impression. The UI/UX design enables the creation of great first impressions. An excellent first impression is the backbone of your online presence.

 UI/UX design enables great User Engagement.

Properly planned and implemented websites with UI/UX design can help you grab your potential customer’s attention. In the potential customer’s mind, high-quality UI designs are closely associated with product quality. The UI design is the first brand ambassador of the product or service. 

You can design a suggestive, instructive call to action that the customer will follow happily. According to research, the happy emotional state of the customer is an integral part of their purchase decision. 

Conclusion: A great UI/ UX design is a worthy investment.A great UI/UX design can set off a chain of events that will lead to loyal customers. It can also provide valuable information regarding the user’s needs. You can get to the core needs of the consumer to sustain as well as grow your business.

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