Why Should You Write At Least 2 Blogs Per Month On Your Business Website?

Why Should You Write At Least 2 Blogs Per Month On Your Business Website?

You will need to post unique and very useful content on your blog so that people will start following it and consequently will lead to more traffic. But there are a few things which are also very important apart from posting the content on your blog. One of those includes the number of times that you post a blog on your website. Yes! Did you ever think that the number of times that you post on your blog could affect your website traffic?

You can contact Launch Your Business, a reputed Website development company in Bristol and ask them directly about the impact of the number of posts you make every month. Many will say you must post at least twice a month and no more than that. Why? Well, in this article we will discuss with you why must post 2 times a month.

Why Post 2 Times A Month?

Launch Your Business, an SEO Company in Bristol will always guide you on how to create your blog content, on how to post it and also how often should you post it. There are obviously certain benefits of posting twice a month.

Let us have a look at them in the section below.

● Hampers Social Proof– wait, what is social proof? It’s very simple actually, the social proof is the general evidence which is left on your blog by your audience in the form of likes, comments, and shares. If you post your blogs on a daily basis then you continuously replace your blogs with new ones and thus reduce the amount of social proof on every post. If you post every day, then your post is there for around 24 hours. But if you post once a week or twice a month, your posts remain at the top for a much longer time.

● Reduces Reading Count– if you post very often, then there are high chances that your audience might miss out on the latest blogs. How? This is because if you keep posting everyday then people might not be able to manage time to read them every day. So you miss out on the response you were expecting and it reduces reading count significantly.

● Hampers Subscriber Count– if you post too often and your readers keep getting notifications about them then some of them might even unsubscribe. Some of the top bloggers in the world post only 2 – 3 times in a whole month and this helps them to reach out in a better manner with quality content. Always remember it is quality that your audience requires not the quantity you put up. Consult with a good SEO Bristol agency like Launch Your Business for more tips.

So as you can see that posting your content twice a month is perfectly balanced and fine. However, you can also post 3-4 times as well sometimes. But avoid posting content too often on a regular basis. Keep your content unique and take time to develop quality content which will interest and help others and keep them coming back for more..

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