4 Factors That Effects Your Website User Experience

4 factors that effects your website user experience

We have become a world that values the user experience. No matter the interaction, people have become enamored with classifying it based on how it made them feel. How was the movie? Eh, I would give it a 6, which was right around its Rotten Tomatoes score. When it comes to business, there has been a shift towards providing a better experience to earn repeat customers. For many companies, that first impression happens online which is why you need to be aware of the Key Factors that Affect your Website User Experience. This has been a focus of ours for the past decade, which in turn has resulted in our becoming one of the best web designing agencies.
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For web-driven businesses, one of the crucial impression points is the first visit to your website. How many stars will your site get? The goal is 5, maybe 4 if you are on a budget. But even then, nobody wants to get a 1 or a 2. Too many of those will sink a business in today’s social-proof driven market.

4 Key Factors that Affect Website User Experience

To ensure your site is performing well, you must focus on these areas:


Responsiveness is one of the focal things to consider while anyone browses anything. I general behavior also, we like to interact with people who smile at with a welcoming vibe. Similarly, your website welcomes every visitor it is getting.
According to many stats presented by Desktop vs mobile, 52% of the traffic if from mobile while 45.3% is from the desktop. So, if your site has a slow loading time, you are losing a big part of the traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to provide equal time values across all the platforms.


Speed kills in the real world, but in a digital existence, speed equals success. Most sites have a reasonable level of site speed. You must because people are not willing to waste much time anymore. Our attention spans have gotten a bit shorter over the past decade, more so with younger generations. The industry standard is 3-seconds; any longer than that and you risk losing about half your visitors. With limited seconds with which to engage, every millisecond counts when it comes to loading speed, taking actions, and following links.


Now that we know anyone can access the site quickly from any device, how does it look? It needs to be engaging instantly with something unique and completely on-brand. The site needs to perform its functions flawlessly and provide functionality and value. Think of how well-designed Amazon’s site is when it comes to style, branding, and functionality. They have been a leader in the retail section for online e-commerce for two decades. Amazon tries new things, utilizes white space to make items and elements stand out, and have a fantastic site structure.


ast but not least, is navigation which is the perfect complement to the design element. Can people find what they need and how to get there quickly and intuitively? Call-to-action buttons should be placed in the best locations, menus should be simple and effective, and all of your navigation options should be built around how visitors use and interact with your site. Far too many people create navigation based on what a few individuals think makes the most sense rather than using heatmaps and scroll maps to analyze actual customer behavior and adjusting to it for a better experience for them.

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