Creating a professional garden center ecommerce website

Each client requires different solutions to the problems associated with their web promotions. In certain instances, the answer might be similar to something that solved a problem for the previous client. In other cases, there are chances that we might have to develop an approach that we have not used before for any client. One of our recent clients, known by the name of Garden Trough, owns a garden center. He grows and sells a variety of plants and flowers. He has also been selling online for several years. He consulted us to design his company website to increase revenue and generate more business.

Factors that one needs to consider before developing a website for the garden center

When designing and developing a garden center website, it is crucial to follow some points so that everything goes well. Here are the most critical points that we have taken into consideration: 

·        We first analyzed the garden center business of our client and decided on the kind of website he would need.

·         We selected the appropriate domain name in the second step and then secured the website.

·         Afterward, we planned for content conveying our business’s right message.

·         Then we planned for the appropriate images that are required for the business.

·         I then checked how the website navigation went from one page to another.

·         We then worked out the logo design and decided on the colors we would use for the website and the trademarks for your garden center business.

·         We then optimized the garden center website per the terms and conditions mentioned by Google.

·         We selected the best web hosting service providers to ensure your garden center business is available to the public.

·         Once the garden center website was done, we tested it and ensured everything was running well.

E-commerce garden center website

The Garden Trough website sells its products and services to customers or end-users over the internet. Using this e-commerce garden center website, our client can make plants and flowers available to customers 24 hours a day. Everybody from across the globe can buy products online through this Garden center website. The features of the e-commerce garden center website include:

·         Search bar

·         Service and product page

·         Wishlist

·         Shopping cart

·         Payment gateway integration

·         Shop by category

·         Offers and discounts

·         Order history

·         Customer support

·         Review and ratings

·         Testimonials

·         Social media integration

Significance of UI design for a garden center ecommerce website

The importance of great UI/UX design for the garden center website cannot be understated. There are several benefits, but we will discuss the three primary benefits here. In the digital age we live in today, first impressions are everything. The first impressions help build an online presence for the business and allow you to capture the ever-so-short attention spans of today’s consumers. This becomes very important when it comes to trying to sell via an e-commerce website:

Listed below are the main benefits:

Helps in increasing user engagement.

• Boosts the rate of conversion and also increases the overall revenue

• Saves both your time as well as money

Increases User Engagement

The attention spans of humans are very short in today’s digital age, so brands and businesses have about 3-5 seconds to draw the user’s attention. If they fail to do so, they will fail to engage the customer. This would finally lead to the failure to retain the business and, ultimately, a failure to convert.

Several tools, tactics, and marketing strategies can be employed to increase business engagement. Still, none are worth pursuing if the end product is not of good quality and functionality. It is here that the role of UI design comes into play.

When you prioritize impeccable UI/UX design, the websites and the applications can capture and retain the user’s attention. This ultimately results in customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty toward the business. Users often associate excellent UI design with functionality and ease of use, increasing overall engagement. Combining a functional user interface with a plan to enhance the user experience is the perfect recipe for capitalizing on the traffic generated.

We also implement the UI/UX design in a way to create a captivating design that is aligned with the messaging of the brand and target audience. This also integrates calls to action throughout. These calls to action are not emphatic. Instead, they are instructive. They are a guide for the user that will follow quickly and willingly.

It helps in boosting the conversion rate and generate better revenue

Every marketer understands that an increase in engagement would finally translate to a rise in conversion rates. Moreover, an increase in conversion rates is directly proportional to the rise in total revenue. This is, therefore, the ultimate goal of any online business and, thus, of any UI/UX design.

Several factors are responsible for the increase in conversion rate, and a great UI/UX design is a leading factor. It is also essential for you to remember here that first impressions are vital to increasing engagement, which thereby leads to an increase in conversions on e-commerce websites. It takes only 50 milliseconds for the user to decide whether they like a particular website. This factor helps you understand the importance of UI design for the business.

Again, when you create a website with an easy-to-use platform, it reduces the number of steps a consumer needs to purchase and offers clear call-to-actions throughout. You also inevitably enhance the user experience, which ultimately results in higher conversion rates and thus increases sales.

Good user interface helps you to save your valuable time and money.

While it might be a little costly in the short term, excellent UI/UX development can help you save time and money. This is how:

Creating a great UI/UX design requires initial market research, functionality testing, and other essential phases that will provide critical information regarding its effectiveness. The final product is ultimately a testament to the demands in the market. So, if the initial groundwork is done correctly, you can avoid future revisions, redesigns, and bug fixes.

The final design and the user experience will result in the satisfaction as well as the loyalty of the customer. Thus, it forecasts more significant revenue and guarantees that you can save time and money in the future development that might be required.

A great UI/UX design process can provide real-time information surrounding usability issues, and anticipatory user needs to avoid future problems. If you can provide good quality products at the initial stage rather than over time, the development process will ultimately help you save time and money.


To conclude, no one can deny the importance of user experience in today’s digital age. Indeed, we cannot predict with 100% accuracy what a given consumer desires; however, we can ensure that we will capitalize on the majority of a given market through great UI/UX design implementation.

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